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Harry Lasiter


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Harry Lasiter

Post by NPC on Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:57 am

Seeing as most people seem to be playing more Entente lately, I figured that I should make me an RFC pilot!

Name: Harry Lasiter
Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 21
Hometown: Vernon, BC

Born to a simple farming family in Vernon BC, Harry grew up knowing hard laborious work from a young age. This was due to his father, who did all he could to see that Harry had as many skills as possible drilled into his head. One would say that he did that job very well in fact! Harry learned everything from his father, from shooting pigeons to stop them from pooping on the hay for the cattle, to taking the farm trackers engine completely apart to fix a worn part. These mechanical jobs were the chores that Harry actually enjoyed the most. Finding that he would surpass the know how of his father by the time he was in his mid teens!

Word travels fast through a small community. Soon all the farms and and workers in the area were calling on Harry to fix all sorts of machinery. Being young and 'inexperienced' most were able to pay him a decent amount less than if he were a real tradesman.

By age 17, Harry had made him self enough money to move to the largest city in BC, Vancouver, to attend school. The first man in his family to ever do so.

At the outbreak of The Great War, the call was made for Canadians to volunteer for service. Harry, now 19 years old, was eager to join and work as a mechanic for all assortments of military vehicles. However, he decided to hold off until he had finished his schooling.

One year later, in 1915, Harry finishes his school and looks to finally sign up for military service. When he dose, he finds himself glad that he waited that one year. The reason? A new, never before seen fighting machine has arrived on the front. The airplane. And they were desperately short on men to maintain them.

Once enlisted, Harry was packed up and moved across the country to the east coast where he was then shipped out to France. Once there he was barely given time rest before being loaded up on a train and again shipped to the front.

His first month at his new (and first) Aerodrome was not quite as he expected it. He enjoyed the work, yes. But to see the damage of the planes and pilots who came home each day weighed very heavily on him. More often than not he would leave out just how close many of pilots had come to death, they didn't need that extra imagery haunting them.

As time pasted Harry began to do what he could to make the Aerodrome home. Even going so far as to purchase a flock of chickens to take care of in his off hours. It was nice for the squadron men to be able to enjoy some fresh eggs with their breakfast every week or so.

On top of that, Harry found himself being taught to fly by many of the pilots, and eventually being promoted to Lieutenant, now an official pilot of the RFC.

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Re: Harry Lasiter

Post by Dukely on Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:41 am

Great! Added to the roster!

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