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Ernst von Rammler


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Ernst von Rammler

Post by DrZebra on Mon Oct 27, 2014 10:24 am

Name: Ernst von Rammler
Rank: Major
Age: 34
Hometown: Berlin
Biography: The useless and soft son of a rich nobleman doesn´t like to comand or go to war, but coming from a military family with the highest tradtions he sees the advantage of war stories with the ladies..

(what´s in a name: rammler is the hunting lingo for the male rabbit, verbally denoting the reproductive qualities and hence it can in german be used as a slightly derogatory term for a guy. beeing a "major Rammler" it then all makes sense...)

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Re: Ernst von Rammler

Post by DrZebra on Sat Nov 01, 2014 9:31 am

AAR: von Rammler, Sortie #1 (vid will come out on monday, with dukleys "Crueger" perspective, i think)

after flying DFWs with the Fliegerersatzabteilung, Major Rammler is finally transfered to fighters, as it has been his wish. Not because he likes the nimble scoutplanes, but because all newspaper stories of the dashing new heroes of the air seem to find the hard work of the twoseaters as rather dull and unglamourus. Not something to impress Ilse and Katharine with....

transfered to one of the least successful imperial airsquadrons, which at least has a musician among its ranks, von Rammler is put in charge of an escort flight, despite his apperant lack of knowledge in basic air combat tactics.

The four-ship flight takes off on northbound heading to climb to Einsatzhöhe, but formation keeping issues actually prevent the whole flight from arriving in time over the rendevouspoint at Nancy and once they get their, the to-be-escorted big birds are nowhere to be seen....

Sizing the opportunity, von Rammler decides to lead an offensive patrol into the hinterland of the enemy where fighters are least likely to be on prowl, while the air attack phase on nancy is in effect..  Reflecting on the term "offensive patrol", von rammler comes to the conclusion, that indeed this show of force over enemy held territory must feel offensive to the french. But the more important part is the beeing shot at really feels offensive and thus the lack of aircombat for the squadron the "only-to-be-used-internally" term "slightly less offensive patrol" is at least to be considered.

On the way back over the lines, the young hothead in the number slot, which usually falls to enemy attack first, spots a train and all by himself opts for groundattack...
in a real dramatic scene, the four albatri dive through flak, so thick you could walk on, only to attack an ememy train in the nancy railyard, delivering further AAA and ammunition as a response to the heavy bombing german bombing campaign.
The young hotheat with his love for taming weasels falls first to the expert machinegun nests. His nefarious element leader then dives bloodseeking thirsty for revenge onto the emplacement..only to suffer engine damage and an subsequent emergency landing near the nancy whorehouse. Von Rammler can not help but feel a mixture of guilt, suspicion and jealousy...  
Meanwhile the famous piano player crueger manages to actually blow up some rolling stock and gives enough of a face saving excuse to bug out. Crueger and von Rammler limp over the lines with damaged planes as just out of nowhere the enemy ace "Richards" from aerial battalion one shows up in his Nieuport in hot pursuit.  

In a real dramatic finale, von Rammler runs out of fuel (he had a leak) just as he is facing off with the ace that has latched onto Cruegers crippled machine... but both are able to crashland into the beautiful fields below and escape into the woods as the enemy aces strafes their piles of smoking wreckage, that had been beautiful new albatri before..

Result of the first flight under von Rammlers comand:
4 planes lost
one pilot killed, one captured and two in dire need of underwear change.

one enemy train carriage destroyed. A letter from our captured pilot out the pow-camp in britain suggests that it was transporting the instruments of the Nancy chambre orchester. The only non-military carriage of the whole train. How will Crueger react to this news?

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Re: Ernst von Rammler

Post by Dukely on Sat Nov 01, 2014 9:40 am

These are great! We need away to get these out with the videos. If you did some audio versions of these and posted them as Journel entries I think it would entertain some people.


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Re: Ernst von Rammler

Post by DrZebra on Sat Nov 01, 2014 11:39 am

I might try that, with some of the next...

here is another mission, with what might be a kill.. but again not awarded by stats. I think the low framerate messes with the hit recording...

Von Rammler is assigned to balloon protection detail and upon arriving, finds out that his old friend Otto von Knallgas, an officer with the imperial balloon corps, is the assigned artillery spotter.

Beeing new to fighters, Ernst is doing his best to impress his old friend with the nimble new invention that is the aeroplane.. whilst wondering why actually the nimble little thing is there to protect a hopless old gasbag that can´t even move over the front to do precision artillery guidance, nor defend itself...

As luck would have it, no fighters turn up, but flak indicates a pair of highspeed bombers.. and Major Rammler climbs desperatly to meet them. He confronts the wingman, who then runs home damaged and has a prolonged gunbattle with the leader, but alas, a luck shot takes out his engine just as the engine of the DH4 also fails.. both glide back over the lines, with Rammler unable to stop the bomber from gliding towards the own lines.

Rammler then breaks off and lands near the ballon, but the flips his plane in the unprepared terrain.. or maybe was that on purpose? Nobody likes the Pfalzes, which have a tremendously suspicous high landing accident rate.. and everybody instead hopes for them to be replaced by the new Fokkers that are promised by high command.

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Re: Ernst von Rammler

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