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Episode 3: Crueger and Ostkurs up for a first flight together. (10/08/14)


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Episode 3: Crueger and Ostkurs up for a first flight together. (10/08/14)

Post by DrZebra on Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:43 am

it was sortie #1 for Crueger and #2 for Ostkurs, who already had claim to one triplane in a lone wulf patrol (see the respective pilot threads for the individual proceedings, either in roster or "in memoriam" in case of death)

here is what ostkurs wrote in his diary:
Ostkurs wrote:
Was made flight leader in Briefing. Surprise. probably because I shot that one lone, damaged triplane down. Felt flattered. Until realisation that the other 2 guys are probably then even worse than I am.

Crueger, the famed pianist is ordered to be my wingman. I am flattered again, that is a story for the kids if I´ll ever have some. Doubts settle in. Is Crueger as good in airplanes as he is on the piano? He has broken 3 planes in training, some men shouldn´t better be sent to the fontline.

on engine warm up, the inteligence officer comes and tells me: "RFC 5 "the duckhunters" have just mounted a 6 ship patrol." great. why me? Am I not to young to die?

took off and assembled flight. fears confirmed, several near misses during formation flight.

Reached patrol area over the lines. Tried yelling at my wingmen. did not work.

Attacked by a lone triplane. At least not RFC 5.
Brave, ace or stupid? No time to find out, I´ll got luck hits on its engine. The other new guy instantly gets target fixated and attached to the cripled triplane, both spiral deeper and deeper. I don´t want fame, I want to live. Isn´t my engine running rough? Yes it is! I stay up and see Crueger. Signal: "squadron return" given.

engine gives me more and more trouble. I dive back to aerodrome.
Made it, almost. The hole in the ground, where the baldachin over cruegers piano was fastened to large poles, almost flip me over. "Fliegerdenkmal" they call that stance.

My plane broken, Crueger back early from his first mission and the new guy, whose name I can´t rememeber is missing. Glorius. Sector HQ reports plane wreckage of a Triplane and of an albatros over on our side of the lines. I guess I do not need to learn the new guys name anymore.


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Re: Episode 3: Crueger and Ostkurs up for a first flight together. (10/08/14)

Post by Dukely on Tue Oct 21, 2014 5:00 am

Thanks for posting this up here. The journal entry is fantastic, I need to write more on Crueger.

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