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New Mode: Enduring Confrontation!

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New Mode: Enduring Confrontation!

Post by Nefaro on Sun Nov 15, 2015 1:44 pm

New Awesome Game Mode!

Running this weekend for Realistic and Sim Air Battles.  Soviet vs Japan, all tiers and BRs.

<Pretty much unending fighting & bombing on a big map.  Take off, patrol, comm with teammates, find & kill/bomb enemies, RTB and do it again.   Cool  >

From 15.00 GMT on November 12th until 09.00 GMT on November 16th
"Enduring Confrontation" (RB/SB) is available!

   Five events with different Battle Ratings are available:
       1.0 - 2.0
       2.0 - 3.3
       3.3 - 4.7
       4.7 - 6.3
       6.3 - 9.0
   For your first aircraft to fly out in a session, you may only choose aircraft with the lowest BR for the given game session or those 0.3 or 0.7 points above the minimum (e.g if the Battle Rating for the session is 2.3 - 4.3, you may only choose an aircraft with a BR of 2.3, 2.7 or 3.0 for the first flyout).
   If all of the vehicles in your lineup come with higher BR than minimally acceptable for the session,  you will be given a vehicle with minimal available BR, but without any upgraded modules or crew.

This new mode they're testing is extremely addictive.  Finally an RB mode where the battle just continues on for ages, and you can join/quit whenever you want since rewards are given instantly.  

I hope they add this as a permanet game mode with all the nations available.  Which is the plan AFAIK.  Just doing some open testing I suppose.  The Silver Lions gain needs to be a higher IMO, but the Research bonus is quite large.  A little tweaking left, but this is very promising.

It's the first mode I've seen Bombers actually needed in War Thunder, and not cutting into the fighter vs fighter numbers.  Even asked for, when not enough are flying them.  The fighters even escort them to the target more often.   Surprised

In addition, I just had one of my longest WT dogfights in a LaGG-3 vs Japanese J2M.  Low & slow scissor fight on the deck.  It was brutal.  I had to squeeze every bit out of my damaged Lavochkin.  We both gave & received.  Saved the replay so I definitely need to upload the vid to YT sometime soon (when I can leave it uploading for awhile on my mediocre upload speed).

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