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Tips on Transitioning To Realistic Mode Air Forces

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Tips on Transitioning To Realistic Mode Air Forces

Post by Nefaro on Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:09 pm

Someone on another forum asked me for tips on transitioning from War Thunder Air Forces Arcade Battles to Realistic Battles.

Figured I'd post this here, too.  Prepare to be crit'd with Wall Of Text:

Make sure your elevators and ailerons are mapped to easily reached keys for Realistic Battles, so you can hold them down for stretches if needed.  I mapped mine to WASD.  You can turn a bit faster when holding the elevators, and you will need to learn to use them for rolling in defensive situations.  Same could be said for Arcade but it's even more imperative with RB since you can't turn nearly as quickly.  It won't be as precise as using your mouse to turn but you will need to "pour it on" sometimes so learning to use pitch & roll with keyboard keys is needed.  I used these WASD keys in hard turns & rolls, and then I use the mouse for finer movement/aiming.  So there will be a mix of both.

Manual Aileron & Elevator will also stop the occasional "rudder wobbling" which the AI Instructor will start doing with some aircraft in a turn (most notably German fighters).  The "Instructor" is the AI code that translates your mouse movement into control surface combinations, and since each plane's flight model is different, sometimes it goes a bit nuts whipping the rudder back & forth in RB.  I wish they'd fix that stuff but until then, when it starts happening, use the control surface keys.

Remember to use Flaps during low speed turning in RB, or when firing at low speed and your nose is 'wobbling' too much (for steadying).  I still don't always remember to do this, but it will definitely improve both your turn rate and stability when you're approaching stall speed (and, of course, often gives you more time before stalling).

Likewise, whenever you get a Jet, you will need to use your Airbrakes.  So have those handily mapped too.  You can overspeed/over-G and snap off wings in RB.  Every plane has it's limits, you'll just have to find them for each whilst flying them.  Even prop planes can snap wings, usually pulling out of a long dive, but most don't have airbrakes except some dive bombers.

The flight modelling will seem weird at first, but you'll get used to it and will likely come to prefer it after awhile since it provides a much better energy model.  So it makes the vertical & energy fight more important, as it should be.  Try not to get caught slow, as you're an easy target.  Speed/Altitude is life, so hoard it when you can.

If you're in a fighter, climb as much as you can after taking off, and try to stay near support.  You only have one life in RB matches so fly smart and get every advantage you can before getting into a fight.  Keep your friends close and use them to clear your tail.

Likewise, get good at your gunnery.  You have limited ammo and must RTB to reload/refuel/rearm.  Make your shots count.  I'd even suggest setting up a test flight, in any aircraft model you've not flown in RB before, zoom in and watch where the arc of your tracers fall in relation to your gunsight.  That will help you most with head-ons, even though I recommend avoiding those when you can.  Ammo types and the gun improvement that reduces your bullet spread can be pretty helpful.  For air-to-air, belts with a good amount of Fragmentation rounds is good for cannon, while Incendiaries are good for MGs.

Fuel needs to be taken into account too.  Some planes can carry as low as 10 or 15 minutes worth of fuel, which is nice for an extra tiny bit of agility, but many of the matches run longer than that.  If you find yourself alive after that time, it's usually down to very few aircraft on each side and the enemy team will often stalk your airbase to wait for anyone who took such a low fuel level to come back for a landing on fumes.  Easy kill.  I generally take 30 minutes of fuel so I don't have to land in the middle unless I'm out of ammo or severely damaged and the airfield is clear.

You REALLY need to play as a team in RB mode.  Luckily this can be half-assed in the pick-up games.  If you're in trouble, with someone on your six, do your best to drag them toward friendlies while you're rolling & dodging bullets.  They'll be more than happy to pounce on them, sometimes in large numbers.  After doing it enough, you'll also learn how to best set up your pursuer(s) for easier shots from your buddies.  This isn't anything different from Arcade, in practice, but since you only have one life per match it's all the more important in RB.

Just don't be discouraged after your initial transition to Realistic Battles.  Many things will be different, more difficult, and take some time to get used to, but I think it's far more rewarding once you do.  

Lastly.. watch a few YouTube vids on people flying in RB to see their tactics, if you get a little spare time in between.  Don't focus on their maneuvers, but what they're doing in relation to enemy planes and their teammates around them.  It's as much a team strategy game as a lite flight sim.

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