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Watch Your PVP Rating

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Watch Your PVP Rating

Post by Nefaro on Wed Mar 11, 2015 6:18 pm

I've been getting boned by the matchmaker in War Thunder due to my damn PvP ranking.  When it's high, you get shoved into higher Battle Rating matches much more often.   I've been getting sick of flying prop planes against jets and anything else rated as a better aircraft than whichever I'm flying at the moment.  I long for the matches where my aircraft isn't the shittiest fighter on the team.    Evil or Very Mad

I really don't care much about having a high PvP rating.  I'd rather have balanced match-ups more often.  

Having a high PvP rating is nice for bragging rights I suppose, but the effects just aren't worth it.  I have a suspicion that some pre-grouped people check the enemy Ratings at the start of matches to decide on whom to gang blast too.  

It's like, "Congratulations!  You're doing great!  Now here's an ass-raping for you."  

This thing is giving me grief from the matchmaker, at the least:

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