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Been flying in WT

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Been flying in WT

Post by Nefaro on Fri Feb 13, 2015 10:31 am

Been on a Realistic Battles mode glut the last day or two.  

While I would prefer using my stick and TrackIR in Sim Mode, I don't want to make a third attempt at getting the joystick sensitivies where I want them again, nor wait on the long queues for Full Sim mode.

However, I'm finally getting a bit more comfortable using the mouse & keyboard in Realistic Battles.  Not great at it but having fun.  I've always kinda liked flying in WT as a light flight sim alternative for the 3rd person view, which makes it feel like you're focusing more on tactics when seeing things from the outside.  Not having to drag out all the hardware is nice too since I dislike wearing shit on my head such as headphone & mic and TrackIR hat.  

In other words, it's an easy go-to for quick multiplayer flight sim-ish action and mouse flying without being too arcade.  A good change of pace when I get burned out on most other stuff.

Been flying some Mustangs, 109s, 190s, Yaks, Spits, and Lavochkins. That's only a very small percentage of the ones I have available; haven't even gone bombing in awhile. There is definitely much variety.

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