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AAR: Testflight 03/10


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AAR: Testflight 03/10

Post by DrZebra on Sat Oct 04, 2014 8:15 am

After Action report:
Todays flighttest on the syndicate yielded the first fatalities, on all sides. In total, 3 Missions were flown.

Mission 1
Tasked with a linepatrol to search for enemy balloons in 1916, Buddelecke and Steinhard take to the skies in the brand new Albatrii, the new ride replacing the halberstadt DIIs. Oh what a shine new toy we got there..
Despite a quite sloppy flight preparation and no real route, the new recruits now make good progress only becoming entangled in the clouds once, but instead of losing flight cohesion and each other, they managed to both independently come to the conclusion, that formation flying in dense clouds is more then old Kaiser Bill should expect from his recruits and turn back in fashionable ways that keep the formation in formation.
"Well done!" they laude themselves only to see shortly afterwards a flight of two british Pups well below, with the wingman beeing out of formation and quite below its leader, it couldn´t be more encouraged to dive in and so Buddelecke leads the way. While the first evasive maneuvers of the enemy suggest skill, the favourable situation leads quickly to german bullets striking the enemies lead. With Dukley in control of the wingman, Buddelecke tails the now far less nimble Pup and happily fires away, as it tries desperatly to dive into safety of its own lines.. getting dangerously low himself..but in a hail of wood and fabric, the airframe gives up, the left upper wing literally flying mere inches over Buddeldeckes head in a desperate dodge.
Seeing Steinhard well behind the wingman, Buddelecke turns towards the 2nd Pup circling to cut off it´s intended escape. But alas, the wing was warning! The Pups pilot, frozen stiff with shock on its leaders death reverses turn headon into Buddelecke and despite an evasion, their last outer wing inches clip. While the damaged wing of the sturdy albatros stays on, the pup disapears into the wasteland below. Gently pullying out of the bank, the albatrosses wing eventually gave in to the laggy weather and unsensitve hands of young Buddelecke... a long fall results.

Steinhard instead, seeing that the whole lot of a british squadron is wanting revenge, zigzags divingly desperate to the safty of the german trenches... barely making it over before his damaged plane comes to a shuddering halt in the pasture.

Mission 2:

With the war requiring workhorses more then fighters for the bloodmill of the trenches, the old watertower of village near the lines is called out as target. Allied artillery spotters make the life difficult for the troops.

Steinhard and Buddeleckes younger brother Franz, eager for payback, set out on a mission, with Buddelecke Jr. in the bomber and Steinhard in a new albatros, that required quite some pleasing of mechanics, take off.

But out on the climb to working altitude, a lone wolf ace, that goes by the name of Cyclops, sneaks below Steinhards albatross and damages its engine in the first pass. Despite desperate fire and yelling, Steinhard doesn´t recognise the danger until it is dire, and the now struggeling albatross can´t do much to help the DFW. Circling and firing, the Nieuport is hit several times, but in a cruicial moment, the bullets run out and the ruthless Cyclops shoots Franz gunner a new third eye. THe wings collapse, the DFW is only a crater now.
What ever happened to Steinhard? Will we ever know?

Mission 3:

the old squadron mates, upon hearing the off the death of Steinhard and Buddelecke fill their glasses, throw a toast and take to the skies. Like they always do, when the new cannon fodder has fallen and probably left the enemies aces satisfied and maybe even low on ammo flying homewards.

3 Albatrii, this time take to the skies and in a real close in fight, defeat the Fe2 evening bomber, before they all return more or less unharmed to call it a day.

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Re: AAR: Testflight 03/10

Post by Dukely on Sat Oct 04, 2014 3:01 pm

*Door crashes open* GAH!!! Behold! It is I! Steinhardt! I survived the attack by the vicious Frenchman! Although, I am very badly burned as my machine flamed like the lava lakes of hell! Once on the ground I crawled from the flaming heap. Several men from a nearby battery rushed to my aid. "Nicht sein unser lieblings offizier!" (Which google translate says is German for "No its our favorite officer!") They gave me their water and said how mean that Frenchman was to attack a man such as me. Feeling more confident then ever I then asked them where I was. They said we were near to a town, the name of which I did not know. Thus began my long journey to find my way back to the aerodrome, but this is a story for another day!

This was just an idea I had, maybe if you can come up with a convincing story of how your pilot manged to escape death, people can post back and decide if it was convincing enough lol!


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Re: AAR: Testflight 03/10

Post by DrZebra on Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:29 am

no soap-opera is complete without sudden reapearances of the dead ;=)

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Re: AAR: Testflight 03/10

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