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Team Speak Server Info


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Team Speak Server Info

Post by GenMarkof007 on Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:11 am

Hi All,

After a few emails, I'm happy to give the good news that we now have a Team Speak 3 channel for our Dukely Ducks Squadron (DD).
The best part, is that the channel is lock (same for all sub-channels) for only DD Squadron players.

This server host many ROF Squadron that you see often inside different ROF multiplayer servers.
Here is the address to access the ROF TS3 Server :
pass: PM for password

After you enter, you need to scroll down the list of channel, the list of multiplayer server and then...
You will find a title call:   ======SQUADRONS======

Then, you choose the channel: DD
You will need the password for the DD channel and all DD sub-channels.
This will be given by Dukely in a PM (Personal Message) --- please don't give or type this password anywhere on this forum!

For now, these are the sub-Channels:

- DD Officer Mess - general talking
- Allies - when playing Allies pilots or gunners
- Centrals - when playing Centrals pilots or gunners
- Other WW1 Games - if you have other games that you want to play with other DD players

That's all... have fun and we can test this when everyone gets is password!

Gen Wink

Oh yes SeaLord, it's free for now! Wink


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