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Bombing with Tailmange


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Bombing with Tailmange

Post by DrZebra on Sat Dec 27, 2014 1:00 am

should off course be here too:

what happend from Dukleys and my perspective:
We stayed in formation until at the airfield. After bombing, Dukely and I dove at the Fokker D8s to keep them low and from pursuing Tail.. and Dukley actually hit one in the fueltank, which flew then home. We then wen running and the other one was shot and killed by AAA chasing us over the lines.
We´ve also gotten just a tiny bit of flak-damage.. but minimal. On the way back to the aerodrome, a 3rd german, a DFW dove in at us, but went first running and then climbing in the clouds to counterattack, but then did not find it again after a bit of flying through clouds towards it´s last noted position and possible course.

upon landing, my rudder (on the joystick) broke and we had a tiny bit of last minute despair.. but nonetheless made it down intact.. save for the long DH4 prop, which triggered the "shot down by AAA" messsage.


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Re: Bombing with Tailmange

Post by Dukely on Sat Dec 27, 2014 1:01 pm

Oh! Great video!

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